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Floyd McClung

Founder, All Nations; Former Ex. Director, YWAM

"Debbie Przybylski has learned to fight well. She has won her battles and has gained the spiritual authority needed to prepare others to be victorious. You can trust Debbie. You are in good hands when you allow her to 'train your hands for war.'"

Sue Harvey

World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, UK

"How often do we feel that only a select few have the key to prayer, and we are not part of that group? Through her rich experience and easy-to-read style, Debbie illustrates the reality of prayer as our very lifeline to a loving Father who longs to be worshipped, loved, and listened to so He can pour His life into and through us! She has a way of clearly expressing the issues that many of us struggle with in regard to prayer, and then provides balanced, scriptural and practical ways to deal with them."